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Byte23 Networks is a non-commercial internet service provider for family, friends & projects. We host our own infrastructure and shared services with a focus on sustainabilty and security. Our stack runs on used hardware, mostly powered by self-generated solar energy and open source operating systems, like: Linux, OpenBSD and FreeBSD.

Get in touch with us on matrix at


Account Audio Git Mastodon Monitoring Nextcloud

Account: You can manage your account, single-sign-on credentials and 2FA at Account

E-Mail: Point your mail client to Set SMTP port 25, with STARTTLS and authentication for sending; and IMAP port 993 with TLS and authentication for receiving. We run a backup MX in Switzerland.

Social: Connect to our matrix homeserver at Find us on our Mastodon instance.

Storage: We host a Nextcloud instance for file storage, calendars and contacts. Data is automatically replicated to our off-site backup in Finland.

Git: Host source on Gitea.